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Vang Comp Systems
Detachable Side Ammo Carrier (DSAC)
No special tools to install the DSAC
Stainless Steel Screws going into Stainless escutcheon
Can use the rim of a 12 ga shotgun hull to install/uninstall DSAC
Cannot over tighten screws that might deform the action
Can read the Serial Number of the gun without removing DSAC
No small screws being used to come loose
Removable Shell Carrier
Extra Carriers may be carried on vest/in pocket, etc
Available in Black ONLY
:  DSAC Standard Model $79.95
            DSAC Deluxe Model $97.50 
                 Includes 1 extra ammo carrier

            Extra Carriers $19.95

Made in the USA
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  VCS Stainless Steel Magazine Followers
The ultimate, Stainless Steel Magazine Followers for your shotgun! These followers are built to last a lifetime and are machined from Stainless stock to exacting tollerances.

Price: $22.00

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  Vang Comp Ghost Ring Sight
The extremely strong front ramp was designed to withstand intense use. These sights are silver soldiered to the barrel, not glued on so you can expect them to last!
Vang Comp Optical Rail w/Integral Vang Rear Ghost Ring Sight

The rail is  Black Anodized with a matte black finish.
We Consider This To Be 'State of The Art '
Available Now !!

Price: Rail w/Ghost Ring Sight                       $189
Installation:                                                    $  50

Complete Rail/Sight with White Dot             
Front Sight installed on your
standard Remington 870, refinished
in Matte Black                                                 $475

Silver Solder, Vang White Dot Front
Sight to your barrel, refinished                          
in Matte Black     

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  MOSSBERG Safety  - Aircraft Aluminun, Hard Anodized

This is a replacement for the Mossberg 590 A1 VCS oversized safety.
Oversized aluminum precision parts for easier operation

Price: $30.00

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  VCS Safety
This is our Large Headed Safety.

Price: $15.00

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This Greatly Simplifies Assembly of the Trigger Plate or "Fire Control Assembly".
Tapered "nose" Lines Up the Carrier, Carrier Dog Washer and Trigger Plate.
Carrier Pivot Tube fits into the "tail" of the Slave Pin, Follows it Through and Into Place.

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Wilderness Tactical Sling 

Available in right or left handed models, also available in for single, double or 3 point mounting

Price: $50.00

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  Magazine Tube Extensions
These are for the Remington 870, 1100, 11-87. A unique feature is that they are interchangeable for left and right handed shooters, or you can order them with a straight round hole for HK Tactical Slings. These are made from solid bar stock, a much stronger system. These parts are unconditionally Guaranteed for Life!

Price: $75.00

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IBD Tactical Sling

: $45.00

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Shotgun Standoff Device (Breaching) 

Available for the following shotguns; Remington Model 870  14 and 18 1/2" barrel.    Mossberg Model 590-A1 18 1/4" barrel.     M4 Benelli as used by the USMC.
COMING SOON - Remington Model 870 10" barrel

: $79.95

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Mossberg 1 Shot Tube Extension

Price: $75.00

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Surefire Light - 6 volt
provides a rugged and reliable source of high intensity light  (60 lumens) that is integrated into the gun's forearm.


Price: $250.00 and up

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Hogue Synthetic Stocks with or without magazine in the stock

: $85.00 to $100.00

LOP (Length of Pull), 11in., 12in., 13in., Only

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"Active Duty Military and Police, Free Shipping to the Lower 48 States"

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