As you may or may not know, Hans J. Vang, the owner and CEO of Vang Comp Systems, Inc. was a gunsmith for over 25 years before he invented the Vang Comp system. As such, he still tinkers with local Chino Valley residents’ firearms from time to time doing a trigger job or a tune-up here and there. As a side-effect of our proximity to Yavapai College CTEC Gunsmithing School, we have attracted a few master craftsmen and enveloped them into our facility.

Our gunsmiths are adept at the finer points of making things go “bang” when and how you want them to. We have a machine shop complete with a Bridgeport Mill that ensures everything we put out is true to spec. Our high-end lathe with digital read out makes blueprinting a rifle action a piece of cake.

Whatever the job you have in mind, we can do it. But here’s a short list of builds to get your juices flowing:

  • Complete Custom AR-15
  • Complete Custom Bolt-Action Rifle
  • Complete Custom 1911 Carry Gun
  • Complete Custom 1911 Race Gun
  • Thread Barrels for Muzzle Device
  • Action Jobs
  • Trigger Jobs
  • Caliber Conversions
  • Scope Mounting & Boresighting
  • General Gunsmithing
  • Refinishing
  • Cowboy Action Tune-ups
  • Etc.

Please contact us if you have a question about anything listed or something you’ve got in mind.


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